Photography is my lover; independent, unaccessible, the most beautiful, sometimes when she is in the mood she opens towards me, lets me touch her, sometimes she gives herself all to me. There is nothing for me like enjoying this moment while it becomes touchable by pressing the snapshot button I kiss her lips making her feel extremely excited, I steal her another snapshots which become proof of our relationship as well as adumbration of something deeper.


Some flashes of my professional career:

1993 I made the first aware photograph with a borrowed camera – there were cherries falling into a glass of water – I was astonished by the effect and I considered myself an excellent photographer;

1993 I enrolled in to study at a photography school where I found out that I am not an excellent photographer but I was a budding one;

2001 I started working in the biggest newspaper in Poland – „Gazeta Wyborcza”

2005 I kept a camera over the opened heart of a human being during the operation performed by Prof. Bochenek …. there were two miracles on that day: firstly I did not faint, secondly after a few days I saw that man smiling;

2007 my photographs represented my region – Upper Silesia during the Year of Photography at the European Parliament in Brussels, the greatest pleasure for me was to listen to comment that the pictures were taken all over the world; actually Upper Silesia is my whole world;

2008 I documented the work of excellent actors of Teatr Rozmaitosci directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna in New York City;

2009 I stood face to face with the vocalist of U2 – Bono and it turned ou that it was a normal and nice guy who kissed all the girls around me and I was left with a terrific portrait as a memoir

2011 I took a picture of Woody Allen, the picture received the largest amount of „I like it” on my virtual Gallery and I recalled his words: People come not to listen to me but to see me;

2011 while photographing Paris Hilton I started to think who is abnormal – she or the crowds that came to see her…..from my calculations the result was that she is cool

2013 I became the official photographer of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, I knew the music of Lutos?awski which inspired me at my work